DIY T Shirt Printing Methods You Can Try at Home

made. There are many companies that offer services for t shirt printing. However, you can actually do it yourself at home. In this article we will describe some of the methods you can use to create stylish and unique t-shirts on your own.

Here are brief explanations regarding DIY t shirt methods you can do at your home:

  • Direct-to-clothes method: with this method, you need to purchase a particular printer that can print your design onto your t-shirt directly. The benefits of this method is the good printing quality due to the absence of transfer process and the designs are not limited, which means you can print everything. However, it can be pretty expensive if you want to do it by yourself and it is suggested to let a big company do it for you.
  • Screen printing: with this method, your design will be exposed on a silkscreen is placed on the t-shirt and the ink that is dragged over it will go through the holes within the screen where the design is, through the shirt. This method has a long-lasting and awesome quality. Even so, the efforts and times to do it, especially by yourself, can be time consuming. If you ask an expert to do it, it may be pretty expensive for small order.
  • Vinyl heat press: with this method, the machine will cuts the design you created out of a vinyl sheet. After that, you can peel the excess vinyl away and heat press the design on the shirt. This method lasts way longer then the iron-on transfersÂ’ method and is suitable for sharper designs. Despite so, it is slightly more expensive than iron-on transfers and it is not suitable for detailed designs. The vinyl will sometimes pucker.
  • Iron-on transfers: with this method, you can use particular transfer paper to put the design on a home printer and then iron it on your t-shirt. It is probably the easiest and the cheapest method among all methods mentioned before. No design compromising is needed. However, the design cannot be too sharp and it will not last long.

Those are some DIY methods for printing your t-shirt that you can apply at home. Each method has their own pros and cons. You can choose those methods based on your needs and the budget you have.

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