Everything To Know About Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are selected from the buds of cannabis flower, dried perfectly, and covered with the powdered cannabis crystals, called kief. Moon rocks are then dipped in hash oils and rolled in kief layer. There are many medical dispensaries in California, offering high-quality and lab tested marijuana. Moon rocks in orange county region in Southern California, is available at many such dispensaries.

Moon rocks contain high level of THC content, which is around 51%, so they are not recommended for beginners or young stoners. The process of making moon rocks is pretty time-consuming and the ingredients used are also expensive. You can make moon rocks at home, or you can purchase them from your local dispensary.

To make moon rocks at home, you’ll need:

  • A bud of cannabis flower.
  • Hash oil

The process of making:

  • Firstly, break the bud nicely using your fingers.
  • Then using a dropper, spread the hash oil evenly over the bud.
  • After that, pick the bud with tweezers and sprinkle kief powder over it.
  • Let it dry completely.

And you are ready to go!

Where to buy Moon rocks:

If you don’t wish to experiment making moon rocks at home, then you can buy it from several places. To find medical moon rocks marijuana in Orange County, you can rely on dispensaries. For the best dispensary in California, you can opt for South Coast Safe Access. They are not only the first licensed dispensary but also the first choice among people living in Orange County for buying medical marijuana. Apart from medical cannabis, they are serving high-quality edibles, indicas, hybrids, topicals, and sativas.

How to smoke moon rocks:

You should keep some things in mind.

  • Avoid using grinder for crushing, as you will lose the content of oil and kief in it. Instead, use a sharp knife.
  • Smoking moon rocks with pipes is a reasonable option but using a bong instead is better, as you get filtration in it. Thus, it reduces the harshness by cooling the smoke which leads to lungs problems. Usually, people prefer bongs, vaporizers, and pipes over joints.
  • Prefer to use blubber over other glass hardware.

Medical benefits of moon rocks:

  • Relieves pain: The average content of THC is approximately 51%, so it helps to reduce chronic pains significantly.
  • Stimulates appetite: Moon rocks escalates eating sensation, typically for those undergoing radiation or chemotherapy. It develops the taste of eating in small portion eaters and nourishes their bodies.
  • Reduces anxiety: Moon rocks are a well-known form of cannabis, to produce long-lasting relief from anxiety. Some patients feel that medicated marijuana is a new way to relax.
  • Reduces nausea: Small doses of moon rocks, help relieve patients suffering from nausea and its symptoms.
  • Treats Insomnia: This form of marijuana helps give a peaceful and deep sleep to people who suffer from insomnia.

Moon rocks in Orange County are famous not only in California but all over the world. Moon rocks are one of the strongest cannabis products with various medicinal and relaxing properties. So, prefer medical marijuana to obtain multiple benefits.

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