The Most Important Considerations in Identifying and Hiring the Right

Conference Centre

The choice of conference centre is as important as the event itself. When you make the wrong choice of place to hold your event, then every other thing that happens thereafter will end up in mess.

Here below are the factors you will need to put in to special consideration when choosing any conference centre.

  1. Objectives of the event:

What is the objectives or purpose of the event? The objectives that must be attained at the end of the event will determine the place where that event can be held. For example, if the event is an Annual General Meeting, then the venue must have a huge white board where the company financial records and other information can be projected so members can see. The seating should also be such that the members can clearly see what is happening on the dais.

  1. The budget:

How much are you prepare to spend in the conference room hire? It is important to take note of all the costs that may be involved in organizing the event such as security, accommodation, transport, entertainment, videography and photography, promotional materials, d├ęcor, catering, and the rental equipment. Note that these costs are mostly charged separately and will not be included in the quotation for the venue hire. However, some conference venues offer some of these other services at their ordinary quotation. In the quotation, ensure you know what is included or excluded in the service quotation.

  1. Number of the attendees:

How many people are expected at the event? This is important as it will help you plan on the ideal size of the venue, the number of seats required, the audio visual equipment needed, catering, etc. There is no need of hiring a space that is too large or too small for the expected attendees.

  1. Special needs for the attendees:

Some conference venues may have all you need to successfully host an event, but may lack facilities for persons with disabilities. Even if you do not know of any expected attendee or guest who has disability, you need to ensure that the venue allows access by wheelchairs and other items and equipment sued by such persons.

  1. Outdoors or indoors?

A conference centre can be an indoors or outdoors space. Whether to hold the event indoors or outdoors depends on the nature of the event. For example, wedding or party can be held outdoors but a formal event such as company meeting should be held indoors.

  1. Accessibility and ample parking space:

If the attendees will arrive at the venue by their cars, then you need to ensure there is ample and secure parking. Ease of access is also important. Can the venue be accessed from the airport, railway, city centre or other place? This is important as some places may have all the features needed for a successful conference but may not be easily accessible by the various transport means.


While most booking of the conference venues can be done online, it is highly recommended and advised you should visit the venue and check whether it has all the features. Do not over trust the marketing crisp clear photos and images you see on the internet.

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