The Secrets Of Getting The Right Security Camera System For Your Home Or Business  


Security of your home or business in NZ is paramount this is why you need to know how to find the right security camera system. The following are the issues you need to put in to consideration so you can find the security system that truly works for you –


The quantity needed:


How many cameras are needed for the effective surveillance of your home or business? Whether you need multiple or single camera depends on the layout and size of the space where you want to install. Generally, several cameras are used but you need to install only the quantity necessary for effective surveillance. Most of the homes and businesses in NZ can be covered well by four cameras.


Most of the security camera kits in the market actually have four cameras in the package. Experts advise that you should buy at least some two more additional cameras. Thus, if the area needs four cameras you should budget for six. The camera should be installed at strategic point so it captures clearly the area being monitored such as doorways, crawlspaces, roofs, and windows.

Visible or hidden?


The security camera systems may be visible or hidden. The hidden cameras are recommended if you want to gather evidence or information discreetly. While these are a good choice, the visible security cameras also act as deterrent since criminals and any other target would not want to be captured by them. The modern visible cameras are designed in a way that makes them difficult to vandalize.


The type:


There are for major types of security camera systems and you need to know about them –

  • Pan, title and Zoom cameras: also known as PTZ cameras, these offer more monitoring and installation options that the box and dome cameras. Modern PTZ cameras are designed so they can easily be swivelled upwards, downwards and sideways and thus can effectively cover 3600 Various PTZ cameras can be controlled by remote and are ideals in areas where just a single camera needs to be installed.


  • Bullet cameras: these look like the traditional box cameras and are intended to serve as visible deterrent to intruders. They are available in various sizes ranging from smallest to the very large size. There are some extremely compact options with advanced feature such as interchangeable lens option and focal length zoom lens with variable adjustment.


  • Box cameras: These are a common choice among home owners and owners of businesses in NZ. They are generally affordable and cost effective to maintain. Most of the box cameras are designed to accept various interchangeable lenses so you can easily adjust the viewing and optimize the camera coverage.


  • Dome cameras: these are also a popular and common camera choice. They are available in various sizes and not as obstructive as box cameras. They are also available in various designs and can be mounted in various locations. There are some high end dome camera models which have interchangeable lenses.


Will it be used indoors or outdoors?


Some cameras are designed for indoors while others are designed for outdoor use. The indoor security camera systems are generally lighter and smaller in size and tend to be not as brawny as the outdoor security cameras. In terms of cost, the outdoor cameras tend to cost more than the indoor security cameras.

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