What Are The Best Methods For Effective Rodent Control?  

Are rats and mice becoming a problem in your home? There are various cost-effective methods you can use to get rid of these rodents from sanitation to exclusion tactics. Locking out the pests is the best long-term pest and rodent control method. You can prevent full infestation by sealing entry points so they don’t find a way to your property. Keep your home free of rodents permanently by following these tips.

Food and water sources that attract rodents


  • Pet food that is left in an open container rather than a sealed one
  • Open garbage bins and compost materials
  • Foods in uncovered containers
  • Leaking pipes and faucets
  • Stagnant water
  • Fruits and vegetables not stored in the fridge
  • Unsecured food galleries


Access points for rodents


  • Cracks and holes around doors and windows
  • Damaged pipes and sinks
  • Holes in closets and cabinets
  • Missing vents and screens
  • Crawl spaces
  • Damaged foundations especially in old buildings


How to keep your property rodent free permanently


If all the access points are blocked and all food sources removed, then the appropriate rodent traps can be applied. There are three main pest and rodent control principles: prevention, identification, and treatment. To prevent mice and rats from getting into your property, you need to seal all possible entry points using a ¼ square inch metal mesh.




A rodent trap is better than poison because it provides real evidence that a rodent has been captured. You can also gauge the efficacy of a trap and you don’t have o deal with bad odor since you will eliminate the captured rodent as soon as possible. There are various types of rodent traps which are recommended as Integrated Pest Management strategies:

  • Snap traps: it is a type of trap that is loaded with spring bar that kills the animal on contact. For safety, keep the trap in a plastic box where it cannot harm a child or a pet.
  • Electronic trap: it is powered by a battery and works by producing an electric shock that kills an animal immediately.
  • Live trap: it catches rodents but does not kill. After the rodent is captured, it is taken to the right animal control department
  • Multiple-catch traps: they have a catch and release mechanism which captures several rats or mice. It is a type of live trap.
  • Glue traps: they are the least recommended types of rodent traps because they can harm pets, birds, and other innocent animals. Glue traps contain poisons thereby causing undue suffering to the trapped animals


Rodents not only destroy food and structures but also transmit deadly diseases. You know you have rodents in your home if you see their droppings near sources of food, gnawed power cables, and weird noises in the ceiling. After identifying the presence of rodents, you can take a number of steps to eradicate them. However, you should know that poisons and baits are not permanent solutions as they won’t prevent future infestations. The most effective solutions are those that block access to food points and block entry. If you know how to find the best rodent  pest control service, do it as soon as you detect a rodent.

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