What Is The Right Size For My Artistic Tiles?


Tiles come in different sizes from as small as 3/8 sq. inches to as big as 24” by 48”. Large tiles have been on trend for a long time because of the illusion they give to your space. However, it is important to explore the different sizes and patterns. Like any other element of design work, the tile size is a matter of individual preference. What one loves might be awful to another person. Indeed, this is the beauty of personal tastes and it is the reason for the diversity of pool tiles from color, finish, and size. Nevertheless, when you are considering what size of good for your tiles, there are a few considerations to follow.

Size of your space

If you want a petite space to look bigger, consider installing large tiles. Bigger tiles make things look bigger automatically. However, there are no hard or fast rules and it all depends on your current situation. Sometimes it is hard to figure out how the tiles will look like once you install them on your property. Note that besides the size of your tile, there are other background features that determine the overall appearance of your floor e.g. the ceiling height, natural lighting, and the location of your fixtures and fittings. It is important that you buy the tiles relative to your space. For instance, if your pool area is really large, it can handle larger Moroccan pool tile. And if your bathroom is medium-size, it would probably look good with medium tiles. For the smallest spaces like cloakrooms, petite styles are the best.

Grout lines

These are the other element you should keep in mind. They have a huge impact on the final appearance of your floors. More grout lines can create a fussy floor. Rather than choosing smaller tiles, consider medium sizes for a smaller space to avoid making it more bijou. The grid-like patterns created by grout lines are not always appealing while medium-sized tiles can give an illusion of a big space.

If you are searching for pool tile, choose the size that works for your specific needs!

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